Jimmy and Vohnda Miller saw the future over 35 years ago and decided to become part of it by planting a few acres of blueberries. That cautious first step has grown into one of the largest and most diversified blueberry farms, packing operations, plant nurseries and U-Pick opportunities in the southeast.

Growing blueberries is our family mission. From our small beginning to our current position as one of the largest and most innovative growers and packers of this delicious fruit, we live blueberry flavored lives. In fact our entire family lives and works on the farm. We literally spend every day planning and developing ways to grow and market the very highest quality berries and plants possible. From our impressive, variety rich farms to our modern, highly efficient packing facility to our advanced tissue culture and traditional nurseries you will not find a more complete and capable provider of products and services in our field.

It’s 35 years and counting. The future holds far more promises but also many more challenges. That’s the blueberry business and we are in it completely.